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CRGO Laminations: Inhouse manufacture or Outsourcing?

The earliest process to manufacture Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical Steel, popularly known as CRGO, was first CRGO Laminations- Inhouse manufacture or Outsourcing?

A Comprehensive Guide to Risks involved in selection of PV Installations and EPCs

With the enhanced environmental consciousness due to the fossil fuels use for power generation, the non-conventional energy sources are obtaining prominence. Solar photo-voltaic is gaining popularity in terms of a promising alternative and much more lucrative source of power generation, especially in the India power sector. Also, PV solar of­fers a profitable, long-term investment with comparatively low risk and hence the solar industry is thriving, but at the same time it is necessary to take into account the various  risks involved as well. This is an attempt to provide an overview of these key challenges and risks involved in the selection process of Solar PV installations and EPCs.




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