What We Provide

  • Turnkey EPC for the Solar Photovoltaic System
  • Detailed understanding of client’s power consumption pattern, and based on the findings we suggest the required solar installation
  • On-Grid Solar System to cut down the electricity bills
  • Customized Off-Grid Solar System for the grid independent power source
  • Rooftop or ground mounted Installations
  • One-Stop Solution covering entire power cycle including Generation, Transmission & Distribution


Solar panels installed on the roof convert Sun’s energy into electricity. With solar-rooftop, your electricity bills will be massively reduced as the power which is generated from the Sun is directly been consumed by the in-house loads,thus reducing the power requirement from the grid. Solar plants are designed to operate more than 25 years, and with proper maintenance and monitoring, it will last way beyond its service life.

Other Advantages of Rooftop Solar System

  • Solar plants require minimal maintenance, and have less maintenance cost
  • Reduces the heat transmitted to the topmost floor and as a result it will lower the ambient temperature of the floor.
  • Solar installations are modular type i.e. in future the system can be expanded without effecting the old installation
  • Fast payback period
  • Reduces carbon footprint

On-Grid Solar System

Off-Grid Solar System

Existing Portfolio

Installed & commissioned projects at automobile Plant, educational institutions, FMCG organizations, Govt. buildings etc.

Solar PV Installation Location Capacity
Tata Motors Ltd. Sanand, Gujarat 2.036 MWp
KRYFS Unit Palghar 101 kWp
Terna Public Charitable Trust Nerul 442 kWp
SBPDCL Project (Nalanda and Nawada) Nalanda and Nawada 102 kWp
Farm House (OFF GRID) Karjat 1.80 kWp


  • Consumer purchases the solar energy plant and gets it installed on his/her premises 
  • They receive all of the electricity savings and available subsidies
  • The biggest benefit of this module is that the consumer will see immediate savings on its utility bills

Roof Top Solar (ON-Grid)

Grid Tied: This is designed to supply the generated power to the grid and also power the load (C&I Clients)

Hybrid Project

Grid Interactive: This system works in conjunction with either a battery backup or diesel generator to support the load even during a power failure.


This system is designed to work only with a battery backup or diesel generator to support the load.

Consumer Decision Points

  • Saving from Industrial and Commercial Tariff of the Utility (Utility Tariff for C&I Clients varies between INR 5-INR12/kWh)
  • Reach of Grid to end consumer
  • Irregularity of Utility’s Supply
  • Availability of Rooftop Area
  • Going Green is the mantra




8882.3 kWh

Solar Energy Generated Today


Solar Energy Generated Lifetime