Hamesha Kaizen

To positively contribute to the growth and development of all our stakeholders which includes society, employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders

by operating businesses that are profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

7H Values

Our Core Values

Developing culture and developing our people are two important activities that leaders at KRYFS devote their time to.

Our culture is based on our 7H values, each of which is embodied in every decision a KRYFSian makes.

Honesty, with self and others. Honesty can neither be taught nor bought. It is inborn or has to be worked on by oneself. As a Company, we will be honest with all stakeholders and build a relationship built on Honesty and Trust with them.

Humility in dealing with all people, including customers, suppliers, family, friends, colleagues, juniors, superiors and everyone we come in contact with in our lives. The value of humility in our life should never be underestimated. Remember, whatever we have done or achieved, is not only due to our hard work, but because God has chosen us to be the lucky ones and showered us with his blessings. Humility also means being courteous and polite in our conversations with all people within and outside the Company and never “showing off” our achievements, always acknowledging the Almighty for blessing us with what we have.

There is no substitute for good old hard work. The most intelligent of men have not achieved their full potential or failed because they always looked for the short cut to success. To succeed in life, we have to give our sweat and blood and we should never look at any work as too low to be done by us. As a Company, we shall earn our profits through our Hard Work, Determination and Intelligence.

While we should not tolerate indiscipline or a lazy approach, we should always remember that all people working with us are human beings, just like us and have feelings, aspirations and therefore we should treat them humanely and with respect. Never disrespect another, because people are not the problem usually, but the process is. Blaming people for failure is not an option at KRYFS.

We trust that the pleasure of helping others instigate a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, which no other deed can.

We promote positive mindset for it brings positive synergy leading to happier outlook and belief. Larger in outlook, greater in spirit.

We are constantly creating a better version of our self and are ‘Always Improving’. To achieve anything of any significance, we must aim for improving our self in every sphere. The philosophy of continuous improvement influences everything we do.




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