We produce built Transformer Cores as a built up unit up to 50 MT

Usha Martin

  • Available both in Galvanized and non- Galvanized wire ropes with Steel and Fiber Core.
  • Slings available in range from  1 Ton – 100 Ton, in size from 3mm – 100mm diameter.
  • Tensile Strength range  1570N/mm^2, 1770 N/mm^2 , 1960 N/mm^2, 2160 N/mm^2
  • Available in all constructions like 6X19, 6X36, 8X19, 6X25(FILLER) , 18X7, 35X7(non rotating) etc.
  • Slings available in Single, Double, Multileg and any combination of Multileg as per requirement of customer with all types of end fittings like Crosby, Camlok etc.
  • Available in Standard loops, Thimble at Both ends, Flemish Eye, Gromet Slings , Endless Slings the list of which is endless as per the requirement of Customer.


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