KRYFS manufactures polyester slings in technical collaboration with Slingmax USA

Slingset Range of Protection Sleeve

Anti Abrasive Sleeves - Code: AAS
·         Heavy Duty Anti Abrasive Sleeves protect slingset slings from rough abrasive surface and prolonged sling life. This are available in either clip-on from (with Velcro attachment) or Sewn into the length of the sling as required.

Anti Cutting Sleeve - Code: ACS
·         Anti Cutting Sleeves with Heavy Duty Kevlar (Found in Bullet Proof Vests) is sewn inside heavy duty covermax to protect sling from sharp edges during rigging. A must for rigging loads with sharp razor like edges

CovermaxCode: CRNMX
·         This covermax cut protection device prevents an edge on the load from touching the slings. In fact the edge even does not touch the covermax protector! This protector will handle the most extreme circumstances lifting steel and concrete.

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