Lightest yet sturdiest sling, US patent.

Slingset Twin Path Plus, K-Spec

K-Spec Twin Path Sling with Double Cover (Code: STP+)

  • Patented K-Spec Fibre used instead of Polyester Core Yarn
  • K-Spec Fibre is only 20% the weight of polyester and only 5% the weight of Steel
  • K-spec Fibre has stretch equivalent to steel and ideal for application were low elasticity is important
  • STP+ sling have a capacity of 3 MT to 300 MT Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Overload indicator (Tell-Tails) indicate ifs sling is overloaded
  • Fibre Optic inspection available.
  • Heavy Duty abrasion resistant covermax cover

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