We produce built Transformer Cores as a built up unit up to 50 MT

Horizontal Clamp


  • Working load limit (WLL) 1000 - 10000kgs
  • The CH horizontal plate clamps have been specifically designed to be used, in pairs, for the transportation of plate bundles as well as single plates with a minimum thickness of 5mm.
  • A pair of clamps used with a two legged chain sling are suitable for small plates. It is recommended to use two pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam for handling of larger plates, These units are supplied as standard with a smooth jaw. There is also the option of hardened steel teeth for special applications. Please contact our technical department for further details.
  • The HH horizontal plate clamps incorporate all of the features of the CH clamps, yet are manufactured from high strength steel giving them exceptionally low tare weights.
Workmanship and parts
  • These plate clamps are service-friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are readily available. Clamp repairs are available through the factory, or can be done by a competent person.             



  • Working load limit (WLL) 1500 - 5000kgs
  • This range of horizontal plate clamps has been designed, to be used in pairs, for the horizontal transporting of individual and bundled plate. Whilst the basic design and function is the same, there are four options available.
  • OPTION 1 - RH. This range is fitted with a steel roller for reduced marking of the plates.
  • OPTION 2 - WH. The jaw on this range has hardened steel teeth for applications where the marking of plates is not an issue.
  • OPTION 3 - WHL. With a protective rubber lining on the jaw and the toe plate, this range totally eliminates any risk of marking.
  • OPTION 4 - WHP. With a protective polyurethane coating completely encasing the jaw and the toe plate.                      


  • The ACH horizontal plate clamps offer superb flexibility because of the large adjustable jaw opening. The jaw is adjusted using a simple ratchet mechanism.
  • These clamps are to be used in pairs and are especially suited to the transportation of large plate bundles.


  • The THK horizontal plate clamps share the same basic design features as the CH range of clamps but have a reversed tooth jaw design. This acts as an additional safety feature specifically for use with thin sheets which may have a tendency to deflect or sag or flex.
  • The THK clamps are particularly suited to thin plate with a surface hardness less than 300 Brinell / 32 Rockwell C.


  • The THS horizontal plate clamps are specifically designed to be used whenloading plate horizontally into presses, shears, guillotines and other industrial machines or where the CH clamps are not suitable.
  • The unique design of the THS allows them to be used individually when loadingplate. However, when transporting plate horizontally the THS clamps should be used in pairs.
  • Other features of this clamp include a spring loaded safety lock that ensures the clamp remains on the plate in the unloaded position prior to lifting.
  • Maximum plate surface hardness 300 Brinell / 32 Rockwell C.


  • The TTG girder clamps are designed for transporting girders in the 'I' configuration / position (see photograph on the right).
  • These are ideal for use within steel stockholders. Once offered up to the horizontal flange of the girder they are locked in place by the jaw locking lever.
  • The design allows the clamp to be used individually, however for longer girders they should be used in pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam.



  • The main purpose of the CG girder turning clamps is for the transportation and turning of steel girders (RSJ) through 900 degrees.
  • They can be used individually or for longer beams used in pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam as shown in diagram.
  • The clamps are attached to the horizontal flange of the girder and locked in place by the jaw locking lever. Once lifted the girder will turn through 900 degrees.

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