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"Here people work with a smile on their faces and dreams in their eyes..."


"My views here can be freely voiced and are received with an open mind..."
“A culture that fosters collaboration, teamwork and individual growth”


“Working with KRYFS is not just a job. It's a journey, a learning experience. There's so much to explore here and hone your talent, here every day is a new day”


  • We are pleased to mention  that slingset make twin path sling  is used  for successfully lifting of  Scream machine, Gold rush , Dare to drop lifting of job section . We are pleased to award this certificate to M/s Kryfs for excellent quality and services provided by them to AEL.

    Adlabs Entertainment Ltd

  • There are various capacities of K-spec slings that we are using which include slings from various capacities  of 5 Mt, to 60 Mt of different lengths . All slings used in machine shop are found working satisfactory  to our expectations, and after sales service provided by  supplier is appreciable.


  • We are pleased to award this certificate to M/s Kryfs  for excellent quality products & services provided by them which are truly performed satisfactory to MDL.


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