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  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation - Japan is an Investor Company of KRYFS

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Manufacturer of CRGO Transformer Laminations upto 1000 MVA 1200 KV, offering Built Transformer Core, Core Coil Assembly, Unicores, Torroidal Cores & Slit Coils.


KRYFS Power Components Ltd. is India's largest CRGO Transformer Core solution company. Commencing production in December 1992 from a humble beginning at Palghar with capacity of 100 MTPA KRYFS has become India's largest importer of Prime CRGO steel from Japan, USA, Europe & Korea.. More...


KRYFS Group started it is business journey with the incorporation of KRYFS power components ltd in 1992. Since then there has been no looking back and the group has progressively advanced and diverse into other business areas . More...

Vision & Mission

To be global leaders in products manufactured and marketed by us with a determined pursuit of excellence in innovation and technology & a commitment towards a greener & sustainable future. More...

6H Values

Our 6H values are the compass by which all our actions are guided. More...
We have been purchasing CRGO materials in the from of Slit coils,Lamination & Assembled cores regularly from KRYFS Power Componebts Ltd., India for the last five years. We have found the quality of materials & products in line with the quality standards of STC. They had also successfully excuted deliveries as per mutually agreed delveity scheduls. We wish KRYFS all success in flatter & we will continue to strengthen our business relationship with them for mutual growth of both parties.

The Saudi Transformers Co. Ltd.
With profound pleasure it is to inform you that the CRGO Silicon Steel cut Core laminations and Core Assemblies supplied by KRYS Power Components were used by us since 2014. The Core Materials supplied to us are found to be of good Quality. SFTL feels happy with the association and we wish KRYFS and its team a great success in future.

Saudi Federal Transformers LLC.
This is to certify that we are regularly sourcing our CRGO Laminations from M/s Kryfs Power Components Ltd for use in our Power & Distribution Transformers. The supplies from KRYFS received by us are in line with our Quality requirements & they have been successfully able to deliver material as per agreed schedule. We shall also like to appreciate that they have delivered two units each of about 20 MT in a short period of two days & as these jobs were required on urgent basis, both the jobs were air lifted. We congratulate KRYFS on this great effort & thank them for taking up the challenge and executing it well in such a short notice. We wish KRYFS success in their business.

The supplies of core laminations made by M/s. KRYFS Power components ltd were in line to the required quality standards, and also deliveries were made on time by them. M/s. KRYFS have been executing  various kinds of orders  for laminations over six years and we are very satisfied with their overall performance.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have completed the core building of our 1st 400KV Power transformer of I120014 Unit. I take this opportunity to congratulate M/s KRYFS Power Components Ltd. for their support in achieving this milestone. The core building of such a massive unit was a technological achievement by itself.

We appreciate the expertise of M/s. KRYFS design team in conversion of our core design to step lap from non step lap and also KRYFS core building team for support given at the time of core building at our works.

Bharat Bijlee.


CRGO Laminations
 RYFS manufactures a wide range of transformer laminations using Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) steel imported Japan, Germany, France, Italy, U.S.A and Russia, in various grades of different pearmeability. More...
Built Transformer Core
KRYFS currently produces built Transformer Cores as a built up unit up to 50 MT.. More...
Core Coil Assembly
We offer core coil assembly upto 50 MT. More...
Wound / Unicores are manufactured for single and three phase transformers. More...
Torrodial Core
KRYFS Manufactures Round & Rectangular Torodial Core with high Accuracy.More...
CT (Active Part)
We currently manufacture CT (active part) of Outer Diameter 1200mm & weight upto 150 kgs. More...
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